Golden Bowl (2023) ปริศนากล่องทองคำ [พากย์ไทย]

0 | ทั้งหมด 8 ตอน | ปี 2023

Man’s Noodles is passed down to Man Shui, Man Nin and Man Sai. They have learned the craft from their father and opened their own noodle shops, resulting in destructive competition. Lung Kau, Fok Siu-yuk and Kam Chi are their wives. They often quarrel as they earnestly defend their husbands. The siblings’ mother Madam Man Ji Chin-hung hasn’t intervened in the feud between her sons as she is faced with a dilemma. Just before CNY’s Eve, Chin-hung dreams of her late husband. He brings up the sibling rivalry and tells Chin-hung to restore things to order. Chin-hung then uses the legend of the Mans’ Golden Bowl, which was bestowed by the Emperor, as an excuse for luring her three sons into temporarily staying at their old home from first to seventh of January. Chin-hung pretends to observe her sons and their family members’ behavior which she uses as a basis for deciding who is the Golden Bowl winner. She hopes to unite everybody through participation in traditional CNY activities.